Mobilerabbi brings Jewish education.

Mobilerabbi brings Jewish education into your home via Skype.

Courses include the following:

Jewish views of life after death, King David: the man behind the legend, The unique values of Judaism, Jewish views of the messiah, The binding of Isaac: should Abraham be praised or condemned, The Jewish views of Jesus, Similarities and dissimilarities between Judaism and Christianity, The impact of antisemitism upon modern Jewish identity, What exactly is Jewish humor, The prophet Amos: first Jewish social activist, Preparing for a Jewish funeral, Understanding the book of Jonah, Lessons of the Shoa.

The Nuremberg trials and the crime of genocide, The significance of the Jewish prophets, Jewish life in the shtetl, Was the last supper a seder, Impact of the Dead Sea scrolls, Jewish law and the war on terror, Busy Person’s Guide to Pesach, The role of the matriarchs in the Torah, Busy Person’s Guide to Shabbat, Jewish views of God, Jewish life in Nazi Germany, Busy Person’s Guide to the High Holidays, Does Judaism believe in angels and the devil.

Mobilerabbi  is committed to making classes on Judaism interesting, meaningful and inspiring.  Our mission is to make Judaism relevant for Jews living in the twenty-first century.
For further information about taking a class with mobilerabbi, please contact Rabbi Harkavy at 206.962.1436