Creating joyous Jewish memories

Rabbi Rick Harkavy views each wedding ceremony as an opportunity to welcome a couple into the Jewish community. Couples should be welcomed with open minds and open arms.


He understands the importance of treating people from diverse religious and cultural traditions with the utmost respect. His philosophy is to make each wedding ceremony as meaningful and unique as possible. Rabbi Harkavy’s primary concern in each wedding ceremony is what does the couple want that will make the ceremony more meaningful and spiritually uplifting.

Rabbi Harkavy enjoys working with couples and helping them plan their weddings. He has officiated in a wide variety of Jewish weddings, including traditional, progressive, interfaith and same-sex weddings. He spends a great deal of time getting to know each couple, answering their questions, providing them with information, and addressing their needs and desires.


Rabbi Harkavy takes pride in the overwhelming positive feedback he has received from many couples. To ensure that the wedding ceremony is absolutely perfect, Rabbi Harkavy has the couple complete a comprehensive wedding planner which details every aspect of the ceremony.


Rabbi Harkavy wants your wedding to be a simcha, a joyous event.

About Rabbi Rick Harkavy

Rabbi Harkavy is the founder of Mobilerabbi.

Rabbi Rick Harkavy was a congregational rabbi in Atlanta, Seattle and Los Angeles. He was ordained from Hebrew Union College, a Reform seminary. He also attended the University of California Law School and passed the California Bar Exam. Rabbi Harkavy is the author of  the popular book, The Beggar in the Promised Land


Although his parents are Jewish, Rabbi Harkavy was not raised in the Jewish tradition. Indeed, most of his immediate family are not Jewish.

Raised in San Francisco, Rabbi Harkavy learned at an early age to be accepting of people different from himself, including the LGBT community and people of all races.


Consequently, working with interfaith couples has always been an important part of his rabbinical career. Rabbi Harkavy was an early proponent among American rabbis to offer support groups for interfaith and same sex couples. He also loves to teach and to use every opportunity to share his love of Judaism.