How Many Jokes Should a Rabbi Tell at a Jewish Wedding?

Have you ever been to a Jewish wedding ceremony in which the rabbi told so many jokes that she sounded like a stand-up comedian?  I’ve been to some wedding ceremonies in which the rabbi sounded like a Jewish version of Bill Maher.

Some laughter is great at a wedding ceremony. Laughter is entertaining and makes people smile.  Besides, a wedding is not a funeral and people are encouraged to enjoy themselves during the wedding.

But a wedding ceremony is not a comedy act.  Just because a rabbi may have the last name of Silverman does not mean she should tell jokes like Sarah Silverman during a wedding ceremony.

Mobilerabbi proposes there should be a limit to the number of jokes a rabbi can recite during the wedding ceremony.  Just as four questions are recited at the Passover seder, a rabbi should never recite more than four jokes during the wedding ceremony.  Five jokes may be allowed if all of them are really, really funny, but absolutely no more.

Rabbis should not focus their energy on getting laughs from the audience.   Rabbis should be primarily concerned with creating a spiritual experience for the couple in which they express their love and devotion to each other.

Mobilerabbi is committed to creating a meaningful and poignant Jewish moment for the couple during the wedding ceremony.  Excessive laughter is only appropriate for the party after the ceremony.

However, if you know of some very funny jokes that are appropriate for a Jewish wedding ceremony, please forward them to mobilerabbi.  It doesn’t hurt to tell one or two funny jokes during the ceremony…or perhaps three.

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