There are no Jewish weddings on The Man in the High Castle

Anyone who has seen the television program “The Man in the High Castle” knows what a Jew-free world may look like.  In The Man in the High Castle, virtually all Jews living in America have been murdered.  The few remaining Jews must secretly practice their religion.

Despite the popularity of The Man in the High Castle, an increasing number of Americans are questioning whether the Holocaust occurred.

A recent report stated over twenty percent of millennials have not heard of the Holocaust.  And over forty percent of all millennials believe that less than two million Jews died in the Holocaust.

Mobilerabbi does not believe Jews should remain Jewish or even have Jewish weddings because of the Holocaust.  Jews should be Jewish because they’re proud to be Jewish.  However, Jews have a moral responsibility to learn about the Holocaust and encourage others to do so as well.

What do we say to a person who has not heard about the Holocaust and asks “Why should we study the Holocaust?” How do we respond to a person who questions the relevance of the Holocaust?

The Holocaust is different than any other genocides.   While other peoples have been victims of widespread massacres, only Jews have been targeted to be systematically destroyed.  All other cases of genocide were limited geographically to a targeted group living in a specific area.

The Holocaust was not bound by geography. The murder of Jews was not directed just against the Jews of Germany, but against all Jews throughout the world. For the Nazis, the “Jewish problem” was not just a German problem, but a world-wide problem. The Nazis believed that there was an international Jewish conspiracy to rule the world.   The future of humanity depended upon a solution to the Jewish problem.

In other cases of genocide, the motivation was usually pragmatic, such as a conflict regarding power and territory.  Pragmatic considerations were central to all other genocides, abstract ideological motivations less so.  Jews did not have a nation to steal, nor did they have a military to pose an existential threat or the clout to pose a political threat.

It was more important for the Nazis to murder Jews than to win the war. Ironically, the Nazis might have won the war if there were no Holocaust.  The Nazis were more concerned with murdering Jewish children than saving their own children.

The Nazis intended to murder every single Jew throughout the world. The Nazis did not want to rule over the Jews or exploit them, rather they sought to wipe them off the face of the earth.

Every Jew, even infants, was considered a threat and needed to be murdered. There were no exceptions. Vast financial resources and untiring efforts were used to find every Jew, even Jews with absolutely no connection to the Jewish community.

Since the Germans intended to control the entire world, Jews would be hunted down all over the world.  The intended destruction of all Jews is unprecedented in human history.

As a result of the Holocaust, in countries where once there were thousands of Jewish weddings, there are now very few.  The Jew-free world of The Man in the High Castle is a reality in most of Europe as well as the Arab world.

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