I am 5% Jewish and Proud of it!

The average American Jew practices Judaism approximately 5% of his or her entire life.  At the same time, according to recent surveys, the overwhelming majority of Jews state they’re re proud to be Jewish.

American Jews are proud to be Jewish even though Judaism plays a limited role in their daily lives.

Historically, when Jews lived marginally Jewish lives, they were not proud to be Jewish. Marginal Jews often hid the fact they were Jewish. Marginal Jews rarely associated with the organized Jewish community.  Marginal Jews rarely had Jewish children, let alone Jewish grandchildren.  Marginal Jews were de facto non-Jews. Mobilerabbi knows many non-Jews who had marginal Jews as ancestors.

American Jews in the twenty-first century are generally different. Relatively few American Jews stop being Jewish.  Most marginal American Jews still want to remain Jewish.

Mobilerabbi has met many American Jews who rarely practice their religion, but recognize Judaism is important to them. There are absolutely not ashamed about being Jewish.  They usually want a Jewish wedding or at least a strong Jewish presence in the ceremony.  They either want to raise their children as Jews or teach them about Judaism.

Mobilerabbi applauds the 5% Jews who are proud to be Jewish.  5% Jews are an integral part of our Jewish community. 5% Jews must be welcomed with open minds and open hearts by the leaders of the Jewish community.

However, admittedly, mobilerabbi would like 5% Jews to eventually become at least 10% Jewish.

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