A magic bullet that will save Judaism in America

While many Jews are flourishing in America, many synagogues in America are stagnant or declining. In many synagogues there are more people over fifty than under ten.   It is questionable whether most synagogues will be viable entities by the end of this century.

What can synagogues do to address their declining membership?

Mobilerabbi suggests the following:

Every person who wants to join a synagogue must be required to study Torah for at least one hour with the rabbi.   There can be no exceptions.  It makes no difference which passage from the Torah is studied.

In theory, the overwhelming majority of Jews should favor this idea.

Americans Jews cherish education.  We want our children to have the best education.  Commitment to education is a value that unites all Jews.  Consequently, the vast majority of younger Jews are college educated and many have advanced degrees.

While Jews understand the value of secular education, many American Jews never learned the value of Jewish education. Jewish education was for children and not for adults.   Sadly, most American Jews have never seriously studied Judaism.  The Jewish education of many Jews either ended at thirteen or never actually began.

Jews who study Torah are more likely to feel connected to the Jewish people.  Jews who study Torah will discover that the ancient religion of Judaism can address their contemporary concerns and needs.  And many Jews who study Torah will feel the presence of the God of Abraham and Sarah.

Studying Torah will hopefully lead many Jews to fall in love with Judaism.

After the destruction of the Temple over two thousand years ago, studying Torah saved the Jewish people.  Let us allow the Torah to save us again.


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