How to Answer a Jew Who No Longer Wants to Remain Jewish

Recently I had a conversation with a fellow Jew who said:

“Why should I remain Jewish?  It has little meaning to me.”

Upon hearing this, I said the following:

The Jewish people created Judaism in order to answer the ultimate questions of life.

Questions like: why were we born?  How can we live a meaningful life?  How do we serve God?  How can we make a positive difference in this world?

Judaism teaches that all life is sacred, a precious gift to be cherished.  Humans were created to heal what is broken and to create ethical communities founded on justice and mercy.

Judaism teaches that humans do God’s work.  We are the means through which God transforms the world for the better.   Judaism encourages us to use our skills to rise to extraordinary heights of courage and compassion and strength.

Judaism teaches us to use our intellect to ask cogent questions; learning is a life-long pursuit.  Being Jewish means questioning the status quo.

Judaism teaches that everything we do in our lives can become sacred.  Eating becomes a holy act.  Our kitchen tables become our altars.

Judaism teaches that relationships matter.   A life without a loving family is incomplete.  Falling in love is a sacred act.

And Judaism teaches that God is a Source of infinite love, comfort and strength when we’re in trouble.  In the Torah we read, God is “compassionate and gracious, patient, long-suffering, abounding in lovingkindness and truth….”   God’s lovingkindness is limitless, everlasting and unconditional.   God loves us forever.

Being a Jew gives meaning to one’s life.

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