Thoughts on Choosing to Become Jewish

Conversion to Judaism is not a cookie-cutter process. There is no single agreed-upon timetable for conversion. Mobilerabbi does not have an exact formula for deciding when a candidate is ready.
Each conversion candidate is a unique individual, so too is his or her journey to Judaism. Each candidate begins that journey from a different place. For some it is an intellectual journey and for others it is a spiritual journey. Some are marrying a Jewish person. Others are embracing Judaism alone.
When working with someone who wishes to convert to Judaism, mobilerabbi asks them where they think they are on a scale of 1 to 10 in becoming Jewish. Answers usually range from 3 to 7. Some are obviously just starting. Others have studied Judaism and lived a Jewish life for certain period of time.
Mobilerabbi creates an educational plan for each candidate. Sometimes students study several months, other study for close to a year. Conversion candidates are encouraged to have a Jewish life, to associate with a synagogue and to celebrate some Jewish holidays.
Mobilerabbi understands the need to maintain integrity in the conversion process and yet at the same time remain sensitive to the needs of the candidate. Does a candidate have to achieve a certain level of Judaic literacy to be ready? Or does the candidate have to observe certain holidays or rituals with regularity in order to be ready? Perhaps readiness is reached when a candidate declares, “I am a Jew” and identifies with the Jewish people.
It is a privilege to guide individuals through the conversion process, learning from their insightful questions and unique perspectives. Mobilerabbi feels fortunate to work with people who are so inspired by Judaism that they wish to convert.
Guiding conversion candidates is truly a mitzvah, a righteous deed.

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